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The Library of Alexandria was reborn to reclaim the mantle of its ancient namesake. It is a place where the arts, history, philosophy, and science come together.

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Discover the worlds oldest texts and what they teach about life, religion, and even death. Some of the texts in our collection far predate modern religions and beliefs, revealing a remarkable world far more diverse and beautiful.

                                                                                                                                                       Discover the secerts of ancients!

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Crusader Treasure
The Holy Grail Mushroom
Secrets of Manna
The First Ritual
We Drank Soma
Further Clues

Discover the secrets of the Crusader Treasure, the Holy Grail Mushroom, Secerts of Manna, the first ever recorded ritual, or the hidden truth about the Sacred Soma.

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Back From The Fire

We are working with numerous museums, libraries and universities around the world to bring you the never before translated works, the secret and lost documents, and the missing manuscripts from the legendary libraries of the ancient past.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine

National Library of India

International Biennial of Psichodelic Culture

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