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  1. The Library of Alexandria
    13 Apr, 2018
    The Library of Alexandria
    The Musaeum or Mouseion at Alexandria (Ancient Greek: Μουσεῖον τῆς Ἀλεξανδρείας), which included the famous Library of Alexandria, was an institution founded by Ptolemy I Soter or, perhaps more likely, by Ptolemy II Philadelphus. This original Musaeum ("Institution of the Muses") was the home of music or poetry, a philosophical school and library such as Plato's Academy, also a storehouse of texts.
  2. Life Extension and Immortality
    12 Apr, 2018
    Life Extension and Immortality
    Kaya Kalpa, or transformation of the body. One of the most elusive subjects to come out of the East, kaya kalpa remains shrouded in mystery and contradiction. The practice originated among a body of disciplines cognized by the ancient Tamil Siddhas, those perfected yogis of the Shaivite tradition from the Tamil Nadu area in Southern India, whose founding father was said to be the Vedic Rishi Agastya. Among several areas of study attributed to them was native medicine, regarded as the basis of