The Secret Teachings of Yoga

Discover the mysteries of the East, concerning meditation, yoga and many other bits of ancient wisdom.


We aim to provide you with an opportunity to practice meditation and mindful breathing during each class.


We are here to guide and support you in a lifetime of yoga. Our approach emphasizes the development of self-awareness through precision in movement and attention to posture and breath.


This area is editable and gives you the opportunity to go into more detail about your business, what you do and what makes you just that little bit special.

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We offer yoga classes for every yogi! Whether you are just beginning to build your foundation, or you are continuing to develop and cultivate strength, flexibility and balance, we can help!
We are here to support you, and your meditation and yoga practice. No matter your age, ability, injury, size or condition, we modify postures as required to encourage students to develop a deeper awareness and steadiness in the classic postures.
We offer community classes firmly rooted in the ancient teachings of Yoga, promoting the development of a healthier body and mind. 

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A guide to practicing yoga, the yoga lifestyle, and yoga philosophy. We break down The Secret Teachings of Yoga with definitions, history and poses to ease your way into becoming a yogi.
Learn and practice meditation and The Secret Teachings of Yoga from ancient antiquity to modern day practices, on the beautiful beaches and in serene parks of Florida.
Take part in our meditation and Yoga classes and connect with other practitioners.
Study the ancient art of Ayurveda and other holistic practices, learn about the proper diets and other exercises to make you healthier and stronger.